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« Tra di Noi » Restaurant Bistronomic cuisine

An honest cuisine that's about sharing, which you can discover in « Tra di Noi » the hotel's gourmet restaurant, open every evening.

It is part of the local food movement, with particular attention given to the seafood. From the coast of Cap Corse come delicious rock lobster, spider crabs, and octopus, with sea urchin later in the season. When it comes to fish, there are those from the sea, like denti (a sort of bass) or those from the rocks, like red scorpion fish, simply grilled over wood.

We have the same local preference for our meat, which comes from the farms around the Domaine, as well as our charcuterie and cheese which are all
« Fatu in Corsica ! »

Our nature reserve, pleasure for your senses...

At Misincu, the bees buzz and also produce honey. The olive crop is fruitful, and the estate's first oil is already on all the tables. The vegetables are gathered from our one hectare vegetable garden, the citron from neighbouring orchards and the wines sing of Corsica. And to the beach restaurant, right by the water.

the « Tra di Noi » Menu

Our Chef created a unique menu, inspired with typical Corsican dishes.

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« A Spartera » Restaurant Traditional cuisine

« A Spartera » Restaurant, for sharing...

Decorated with driftwood and big tables, you'll come to try the rock lobsters and spider crabs, to share the pizza of the day, or the grilled fish and meat.

Dishes to share with friends, moments of pure relaxation with your feet in the sand...

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Products and People...

The products are the stars at Misincu. Charcuterie, citrus fruit, cheese, fish - the Cap is rich, both on land, and at sea, cultivated by passionate men and women who are honoured at the Domaine because the link between mankind and the land is precious, and form's part of Misincu's DNA.

the « A Spartera » Menu

At A Spartera, tapas, fish and seafood may be shared among friends, on the restaurant beach.

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