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Values & Commitments

As a five-star property in Cap Corse, we consider that we have a responsibility to act as a custodian of the region. As such, we are responsible for taking care of our coastline and mountains, ensuring that they are treated with the greatest care and respect. We advocate for sustainable development and a totally self-contained, self-supporting organization (with solar panels by Soleco, which is a company based on the island). We are proud to highlight and work with the local heritage and to build a loyal workforce with team members who live Misíncu’s values, day in and day out.

Values & Commitments

Sustainable & ecologically responsible

Misíncu cares for the environment and has received the European Ecolabel certification, which is awarded in France by AFNOR Certification. This is the “official European Commission label that allows tourists to identify places to stay that care for the environment.”

Properties are judged on the basis of criteria that include the following:

  • Environmental management: personnel training, customer information, and general maintenance.
  • Responsible energy use and saving energy: heating facilities, energy-saving air conditioning and lighting, particularly obtaining electricity from a renewable provider.
  • Responsible water use and saving water: the average flow of water in the bathroom faucets and showers must not exceed 8.5 liters/minute; reduced laundry usage.
  • Garbage and waste water: Reducing and sorting waste; recycling.
  • Miscellaneous criteria: A ban on smoking in common spaces and rooms; promoting less environmentally impactful methods of transportation.
  • The European Ecolabel was awarded to the Misíncu Domain for having met the 29 mandatory criteria in the construction of environmentally responsible infrastructure, for the training provided to its workers and by providing guest services that encourage sustainability.

Respect for Corsican heritage and tradition

Corsican heritage is celebrated by the hotel’s architecture and interior design alongside the island’s culinary traditions: the chef and the sommelier work primarily with Corsican producers and with the Estate’s own agricultural produce.

Ensuring a loyal workforce

Wirth over half of the hotel’s employees coming from the micro-region, Misíncu aims to train its workforce in the luxury hotel trade with a view to ensuring a professional commitment that will last for several years.

Compliance with administrative procedures

All steps taken by the hotel’s team members must prioritize respect for the coastline and compliance with the laws that aim to protect it.

Values & Commitments

Domaine public maritime

When building the private facilities that are located near the public coastal area, the hotel relied on the “Architectural Guidelines for Facilities in Public Coastal Areas” specified by the region’s Departmental Maritime Territories Division with the aim of “combining respect for the landscape with human activities.”.
The facilities at A Spartera can be dismantled and transported and were designed to fit in with the natural site. The temporary A Spartera structure does not hinder the public’s access to the beach and the requirements for integration with the landscape were met through careful selection of the materials and colors used for the furnishings and the A Spartera structure itself.

The hotel itself even adopted the approach of “demolishing to rebuild respectfully.” As such, the old stone shack that was located on the hotel’s private land adjoining the beach was demolished in favor of a structure that could be dismantled and that would not remain in place for longer than three months, thereby complying with the Urban Development Code, the Code de l’Urbanisme. Articles L.421-5, R.421-5 and L.421-8 exempt some buildings, due to their nature and the amount of time they will remain in place from construction permits while remaining entirely in keeping with the coastline.

When you stay at Misíncu, you can rest assured that you are engaging in environmentally responsible tourism that supports the local cultural heritage, helps to protect natural resources, and benefits the island’s inhabitants.

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